This web site is all about divulging info on the many writers and authors that are not known in the UK, as well as their work, literature in general, and authors of psychological realism, etc. On this web site, the reader will even be able to find info or stories related to the interesting, fascinating world of unknown authors and writers outside the UK.

The main objective of this web page is not only to share interesting information and facts on the wonderful world of culture and literature, but also to encourage people to investigate more and try to read as much as possible, not just the classics or the best sellers that are usually mass produced and sold to us, making millions of Dollars for big corporations but to get out there and try to find old forgotten books or interesting blogs or books that are published for free, where thousands of talented writers publish their work on a daily basis.

On the many pages and posts that have been written, posted and published on this web site, the reader will be able to find not only useful and even interesting information, such as general facts etc. about literature and writers of short stories unknown in the UK, but will also be able to find some of the stories that these word craftsmen and craftswomen have written and created. This web page is mainly dedicated to presenting info about the wonderful world of culture and literature. There is available info about many various kinds of literature.