J G Bas

As mentioned before, this site is dedicated to the work of authors that are not known in the UK, and editors will publish some of their short stories. J. G. Bas was born in Cangas de Onis, Asturias, Spain, in the year 1907 and died in 1984. He was a writer, a painter and a scriptwriter. He lived in different countries in Europe and Latin America, including Argentina, where he became active in th500e Lunfardo Academy (academy of slang of Rio de la Plata).

Among his prosaic work, one can mention Grey Neighborhood, Low Gold, La Comparsa, La Gotera, The Hangover, The Guitar, Lanterns in the Fog, Ghetto, among others. In poetry, his critically acclaimed works included, for example, Birlibirloque, Blind tarantula and others.

Following is a short story published in the 50s by J. G. Bas. Often, many of Bas’ works included themes related to animals.

The Crocodile

While in the shower, I went into a state of shock when I felt his viscous presence, sliding between my soaped legs, near my ankles. I managed to hold on to the faucet, so as not to fall and break my neck against the edge of the tub. I stood under the warm stream wondering what it was. Then I saw it clearly, when the foam receded; it was a crocodile.

A huge, green and scaly crocodile. I did not understand how he could fit in such a small space. Had he stood upright on its tail, he would be as tall as me. He was not moving, but simply lying comfortably on his side, obviously intent on not bothering me. To mortify him, I pressed myself against the wall tiles, and increased the water heat to maximum level, so instantly the water was boiling hot. But the creature looked very still, determined, insensitive and placid. I thought I even heard it growling pleasantly.