More Authors of Psychological Realism

Psychological realism is a type of prose fiction that puts emphasis on the inner workings of the characters’ minds, known as internal characterization. Among other writers of psychological realism unknown in the UK, we can mention Hernan Casciari. Following is one of his short stories, loosely, inaccurately represented in the following posts. The story is titled “The famdownload-2e of Luis Gabriel Suchet”. This short story could be considered as a good example of psychological realism.

I have the same name as my great grandfather, Luis Gabriel Suchet, but I’m not French. The old man -I have a big painting of him in my cell- now dead, met Napoleon and together they defeated O’Donnell in Lleida, or so said my father. Once I found that information on an encyclopedia. In any case, I was fourteen years old and I enjoyed seeing my name in print. So, I, for the first time, fantasized about having my name in a dictionary or an encyclopedia, next to the name of my great grandfather, with my full bio and an added detail, “great grandson of the French revolutionary.”

I did not know how yet, but my life had already a clear purpose; to immortalize my name, like my ancestor. Over time, I discovered it was not difficult. At 17, I killed two dozen people in a supermarket abroad and I was given a life sentence. I went in with a machine gun hidden in my coat. After the trial, I was flown back to my country in a military aircraft. Because of my actions, diplomatic problems arose and the presidents of both countries spoke about me over the phone. Back home, a swarm of photographers awaited my arrival impatiently, as if I was a star. I played with them and they loved me. Everyone spoke of me for a while.