Psychological Literature or Psychological Realism

In the previous post, we published a short story about a seemingly imaginary crocodile, written by J. G. Bas and named “The Crocodile”. This short story could be labeled as Psychological realism. Psychological realism is a form of prose fiction which puts emphasis on the internal workings of the characters’ minds, known as internal characterization.

Following is the continuation 1012705_507627012651424_1620220573_nof the short story by J. G. Bas.

I walked to the balcony – I live on the first floor – and threw the crocodile down, onto the streets, so I did not think he would get hurt by falling such a short distance. The next morning I was having breakfast when I heard a knock on the door; instead of the bell, it was a few thuds. I guessed it sounded like a tail lash so I opened slowly, ready to receive him again; no hard feelings. I had no doubt that it was the crocodile. And sure enough, there he was, his head resting on the small doormat, dejected, looking at me with imploring eyes.

I felt really sorry for him. A sharp pang hit me in the heart and made me feel like crying; without a word, making an authoritarian silent gesture, I welcomed him in. So, I pointed under the bed, and he took refuge there, submissive, crawling heavily under the bed.

It was in the movie theater where I discovered his humorous condition. I do not know how he managed to get in, or how he managed to follow me through the streets without anyone noticing. The truth is that when the dark room vibrated with the rattle of gunshots, the crocodile’s head deprived me of the view of the screen, emerging from the seat in front of me; oddly enough, since before the lights went out, there was the velvety neck of a blonde girl.